Stringer Building Services Iconic Beach House

Designed by Maurice Liussi Architects the special feature of this home is its unique design, including raked winged walls and parapet roofs.

Project Team
  • Architect โ€” Maurice Liussi
  • Builder โ€” Stringer Building Services
  • Awards โ€” Master Builders Nomination

The materials used in the home are typical of the building materials used in this beachside suburb over the past 60 years.

The classic weatherboards and fibro panels, along with expressed joints and rendered walls, bring both the classic and modern together. Hardies 6mm fibro sheeting, Hardies 16mm linea board and Hardies 9mm matrix cladding make this abode strong yet lightweight.

The living areas flow onto an external sandstone entertainment area. A glassed fenced pool then draws your attention to the magnificent water glimpses beyond.
The orientation of the home is such that the traffic and airport noise is completely blocked out placing focus on the view to Coolangatta and Kirra, from the 3rd level balcony, bedrooms and study. Polished concrete floor, galvanised steel columns and stair stringers, give the home a robust and semi-commercial feel.

The filtered sun and spacious interior give way to warmth within this modern family home. The western sun is blocked by the minimal use of windows and the surrounding traffic noise by acoustically rated cladding.

The home then opens out to eastern ocean views. Block-out blinds have been installed to let harsh glare out but warm winter rays in. The home has used renewable materials such as plantation pine, pine chips and particleboard.

Two 5000ltr water tanks have been buried underground, they are fed by a large catchment from the top roof to provide free water to laundry, toilets and garden. The home has an extensive insulation system blocking out noise and reducing running costs.

The home takes into context the surrounding beach environment through the use of classic materials.
It is a durable home able to withstand the harsh effects of the ocean and surrounding airport and traffic noise.

To fully appreciate this home it must be viewed from all angles. It is both functional and aesthetically pleasing in its entirety.