Designed by leading architect Torren Bell this home is one of Stringer Building Services' most extensive renovations/extensions to date.

Project Team
  • Designer — Torren Bell
  • Builder — Stringer Building Services

The owner’s brief to the architect was to enter the front door and be greeted by the still water of the Cyclades Lake. Well, we have achieved this and so much more.

The original home was a stock standard brick and tile home. The architect worked to maintain approximately half of the original frame and rooflines, whilst adding modern design to completely disguise the old features of the house.

A large raked living, dining, and kitchen wing now flows out onto a large patio, consisting of exposed V-shaped steel columns and raking steel beams. A deck was then added using recycled hardwood. A fish pond was built into the courtyard and is complemented by a recycled timber feature wall and deck, with exposed copper downpipes to add a little more character.

The entry to the house is by way of a flyover roof that links to the carport, it is supported by V-shaped steel columns and heavy-duty structural steel beams. The use of recycled hardwood slats through the entry roof helps set the scene.

The external front wall of the lounge room is constructed from a honed concrete designer block with expressed grooves, this looks robust yet classy, whilst a heavy-duty awning shields the front window and breaks up the height of the wall.

Inside the house, all the bedrooms have been renovated and the 2 bathrooms have been finished to the highest level with full height feature tiling and the highest quality fittings. The powder room is something special with glazed wood-fired tiles, custom joinery, and one-off pendant lighting.

The kitchen has some real wow: a lime green glass splashback, tapered stone island bench, integrated wine fridge, and hidden storage, are just a few of this kitchen’s many features.

Before the construction phase began, the clients made a brief to the builder: “ if you imagine your best outcome, add 20% effort because that is what we expect”…

Stringer Building Services delivered in spades!